The first connected camera that lets your friends follow your trip in real time

so they can snap photos & videos.

WaWy camera

share your position in real-time

Allow your friends to view location, speed, and elevation.

involve your friends & family

Let your friends request a live photo or video instantly.

110mm x 65mm x 40mm

connect at anytime

Bluetooth enabled internet connectivity through your smart phone.

never lose your moment

Photos, videos, and GPS locations are automatically saved on the embedded 8GB micro SD card.

WaWy application

Main Features for Travelers

  • easily control your WaWy Cam
  • notify friends & family when you're on air
  • acts as a smart travel diary: add text, photos and videos

Main Features for Friends and Family

  • get updates when WaWy is on air
  • request live photos & videos from Wawy Camera
  • follow trip in realtime on a map

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Interesting by WaWy ?

We will upate you as soon as we will ready for ordering

A day with WaWy

08:03:23 am


Ready to go, the bag is full and the adventure begins

08:11:46 am

Switch on you WaWy Cam

your friends and familly are notified

08:12:34 am

Your fellows are updated

They can now follow your trip in real-time

08:21:53 am

They follow you

wherever you are

10:08:33 am

They comment


11:11:21 am

They snap pictures


and videos


11:41:29 am

11:59:12 am

You are free to live in the moment

without thinking about anything else

12:32:38 am

Or share your own experience

through the mobile app


At the end of the day, all your experience content is available on your private stream.


Dimensions and weight

110mm x 65mm x 40mm


Sensors and components

BCM2835 processor

8 mpx Camera

1080P Video

8 Go SD card

Temperature & Humidity

Lithium Battery - 2200 mAh

GoPro compatible mounts


iOS >= 8.1

Android >= 5.0


Open Source



Wanna Ride With WaWy?


We at WaWy are strong supporters of the open hardware movement and believe that closed hardware and patent law are an old vision of the world.
That’s why WaWy was created using open hardware components and open source software.

The WaWy Cam will be offered on the market with a full bill of materials, 3D printing plans, and software.

You will be able to decide how to assemble your own camera, or you can order one ready-to-go.

Interesting by WaWy and our vision ?

We will upate you as soon as we will ready for ordering
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